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Investment Banking Hierarchy – Analyst to Managing Director

This site is primarily aimed at aspiring investment banking analyst and associates, although we appreciate that more tenured staff occasionally dabble in our contents. One aspect that is not well understood for most people outside of the industry, as well as people inside the industry, are the expectations that come

Hybrid Securities / Hybrid Debt / Subordinated Debt

Investment bankers like to toss around "hybrids" as a funding feature. Hybrids come with higher Debt Capital Markets issuance fees than straight bonds and are a great way to earn league table credit. What are Hybrid Securities? Hybrids are a form of capital in between debt and equity - hence the name.

Debt Refinancing Options for Issuers

The finance world is awash with debt. Corporates and governments regularly issue debt in order to fund operations and capital initiatives. However, debt can often become a problem for many reasons. Many circumstances can cause a debtor or borrower difficulties in servicing debt. We will start from the more benign to the more

How Has Investment Banking Changed Over Time?

We caveat that we did not work in investment banking 20 years ago, but have worked with plenty of veterans that survived a time now more rooted in folklore. Investment banking has evolved, like all other industries, for the better over time – although the absolute and relative pay has

Off-Cycle Investment Banking and Finance Recruiting

Banks sporadically hire at the analyst and associate level to replenish losses from attrition and firings as well as for expanding or starting a new team. When recruiting off-cycle, the process is even more random and far more dependent on the network and work experience variables noted above. 50% of the

Landing an Investment Banking Interview in Canada

The finance interview is an unpredictable process that fairly or unfairly decides which business students will have the best start to their finance careers via investment banking or sales & trading placements at major banks (as well as some prominent direct-to-private equity analyst roles at megafunds such as Blackstone, KKR,