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Early Bond Redemption Analysis

Early Retirement of Debt for Capital Structure Debt Capital Markets may approach companies to discuss opportunistically retiring outstanding debt before the natural maturity date. As bonds are contractual obligations for a set period of time, the early paydown of debt must be negotiated unless there is a provision that allows for

What Are: Crude Oil & Natural Gas

What is Oil? Oil is the most important commodity in the world, offering the most liquid and “customizable” (in terms of blends and location benchmarks) market for trade and with a dollar volume moved per day far ahead of iron ore, gold or any other standardized physical good. Over 90 million

Checking Your Work in Investment Banking

Investment Banking Work Must Be Flawless You may have heard that you cannot make mistakes or make the same mistake twice in investment banking. Well, what happens when you make mistakes? Investment banking has great self-correction mechanisms - you get yelled at or feel the radiant heat of disapproval from higher ups. After

Private Equity in Canada

Private equity is widely considered to be the ideal exit from investment banking in the US and the UK. The idea is that the work is more interesting, the hours are shorter and the firms are more prestigious. However, the private equity landscape is different in Canada – the global megafunds