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Investment Banking Recruiting Pipelines

During recruiting season, investment bankers will receive hundreds if not thousands of resumes from human resources to sift through for students to fill positions for. This tends to happen multiple times a year, with separate processes for: Full-time (to start the following year) Summer analyst positions (which are the primary

Equity Compensation Hedging

Share Based Compensation Expense To align shareholders and management, equity compensation is a large part of all-in pay and for retention purposes. Companies will generally use a combination of stock units and stock options. Stock units such as restricted stock units (RSU's), deferred stock units (DSU's) and performance share units (PSU's) represent

Natural Gas Supply and Demand Primer

Natural Gas Supply and Demand Is gas a substitute for oil? The gap is narrowing, but gas consumption fills a different niche from oil. Until recently, the difficulties in moving gas across water (gas takes up a much larger volume than liquid oil and needs to be compressed or liquefied) as

Participating in Office Fantasy Football (And Other Games)

How Do Investment Bankers Have Fun? One of the great things about working in investment banking is that it is office culture on crack. Anything fun you would find in a Fortune 500, you would find in the investment bank - in particular the trading floor. Golf outings, corporate offsites, boozy

Investment Banking in Canada

Canadian Investment Banking Landscape In Canada, capital markets are well-developed and public equity and debt investment is a key source of financing for the economy. Likewise, investment banking (by “investment dealers” – the historical Canadian term) has been a longstanding business in the country. Investment bankers in Canada provide the same services

How to Get Cash Taxes for Financial Modeling

This is a simplified example to understand the mechanics of cash taxation at a high level and should not be relied upon for anything other than educational purposes Cash Taxes in Financial Analysis What companies report as accounting tax and what they actually pay in terms of cash to the government can

Oil & Gas Royalty Company Primer

Oil & Gas Royalty Companies Oil and gas royalty companies are companies that either own or have a claim to land where hydrocarbons are produced. The royalty concept is not unique to oil and gas - there are metals and mining royalty companies (and related metals and mining streaming companies), music

How Much Do Corporate Bankers Make?

Frank was sitting across from Jenny at the Blenz Coffee at Wesbrook Mall. Jenny had finished a summer at the prestigious brokerage Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith Incorporated due to return the following year as a full-time hire. Frank recently received an offer from BNP Paribas to be a

Offshore Oil Production Primer

Offshore oil production is a major source of oil supply globally and is expected to be responsible for incremental oil production going forward. Offshore oil is well understood and free of the encumbrances of land drilling within the confines of a country - allowing for producers to realize seaborne pricing

Offshore Wind Primer

Offshore Wind Value Chain and Stakeholders The offshore industry is important for investors, bankers, and operators – as well as an important policy piece for governments who want to meet global climate mandates. Investment banks have their hands full project financing large scale offshore wind projects which keep getting bigger and bigger.