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Natural Gas Supply and Demand Primer

Natural Gas Supply and Demand Is gas a substitute for oil? The gap is narrowing, but gas consumption fills a different niche from oil. Until recently, the difficulties in moving gas across water (gas takes up a much larger volume than liquid oil and needs to be compressed or liquefied) as

Investment Banking in Canada

Canadian Investment Banking Landscape In Canada, capital markets are well-developed and public equity and debt investment is a key source of financing for the economy. Likewise, investment banking (by “investment dealers” – the historical Canadian term) has been a longstanding business in the country. Investment bankers in Canada provide the same services

How Much Do Corporate Bankers Make?

Frank was sitting across from Jenny at the Blenz Coffee at Wesbrook Mall. Jenny had finished a summer at the prestigious brokerage Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith Incorporated due to return the following year as a full-time hire. Frank recently received an offer from BNP Paribas to be a

Do Grades Matter for Investment Banking?

I have a 2.5 GPA, can I get into investment banking? As with most other questions, it depends. However, for most circumstances, the answer is no. Grades matter for investment banking. If someone does not understand the weighted average cost of capital in a classroom setting, they are going to have even