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Why Do Investment Bankers Work So Much?

This is a question that my then significant other asked me on the weekly/daily when I toiled as an associate at a prestigious white shoe firm back in the day. Alas, one day she decided that absence did not make the heart grow fonder and she left for a more

Financial Institutions Group in Canada

Canadian Financials Landscape Financial institutions are an extremely important component of corporate Canada. Financial institutions make up 20% of 25% of the market capitalization of the TSX. This does not consider the non-public entities that are active in the capital markets, with major issuers of debt including pension funds and government

Common Oil and Gas Investment Banking Interview Questions

Are you interviewing for oil and gas investment banking (or any other energy finance related job - corporate banking, commercial banking/reserve based lending, commodity sales, corporate development, treasury)? You should always expect these questions to come up. This guide assumes a basic understanding of energy – we will not be

Investment Banking Credit Ratings Advisory

Brain Teasers

Credit Ratings for Blue-Chip Corporates Companies care about their credit ratings and may have certain targets. For instance, many companies have historically aimed to maintain an investment grade rating from at least one credit agency (BBB- for Standard and Poors or Baa3 for Moody’s). Blue-chip stocks that see widespread investor interest are