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Vicky Short Stack Strategy

Texas Hold 'Em POT-STACK RATIO RULE If the amount of money in the middle (the pot) is less than 2x your stack (how many chips you have) and you have the top pair or better (for example, Flop is K 8 7 and you have AK), just go all in. PRE FLOP Raising Hands AA

The Restructuring Process for the Distressed Company

Stakeholders in Financial Distress and the Distressed Landscape When a company is distressed and runs into difficulties being able to meet debt service, restructuring is required with options ranging from a refinancing to liquidation of assets. Now it has been upheld in a court of law across various developed legal systems that

Investment Banking in Vancouver

Vancouver is a regular feature in various nice-sounding lists – Most Livable Cities/Best Place to Live/Highest Quality of Life – things that ostensibly do not go hand in hand with investment banking and other financial services. Despite two large undergraduate business schools close to the city (UBC on the Endowment Lands

Should You Write Your CFA?

This is a question asked more than once a week by junior staff in investment banking (all product groups) and sales and trading, as well as people looking to break in. Keep in mind that this discussion is for the Canadian market only. The answer is probably yes if you

Investment Banking Resume Observations

I have seen a lot of resumes and cover letters as of late. Some very impressive ones and some that are extremely cringeworthy. If you stand out in a bad way, your resume and cover letter are almost certainly due for a forward to several other bankers – possibly at