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Breaking into Investment Banking as a Big 4 Accountant in Audit

Accounting to Investment Banking There are a lot of bright professionals in audit who have expressed an interest in moving to investment banking. The good news is that the Big 4 firms are strong brand names and the work experience is somewhat relevant. The bad news is that analysts at boutique and

Financial Regulatory Bodies in Hong Kong

There are three major financial regulatory bodies in Hong Kong. As new financial products were introduced to the markets and the sophistication of such products increased while wealth inflows expanded, the risks of malpractice grew in tandem. Financial regulators have a balancing act in order to promote the confidence in financial

Options for Distressed Debtors: Selling the Corporate and Bankruptcy

In a previous post, we discussed refinancing and restructuring options for a corporate. Sometimes, the restructuring and refinancing options do not appease creditors and they may look for a sale. For the more senior creditors, assuming that the company is only slightly underwater, they do not care that much about the

2 Common Interview Mistakes

February is interview season as analysts who leave investment banks after bonus cause a large reshuffling of financial jobs. Investment banking analysts leave for equity research, private equity and corporate banking. Equity research associates leave for investment banking and hedge funds. Smaller banks, boutiques, asset managers and transaction services shops (Big 4

How to Show Your Passion for Finance

Roll back a few years, and I’m at an information session fielding questions, some thoughtful and some less so. One guy keeps raising his hand and has asked just about every question that is taboo or could get you banned from Wall Street Oasis for not using the search function. “What’s more