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Investment Banking and Finance in Calgary

Photographer: Robert Walker

Sell Side Handbook would like to dedicate this post to three friends who are moving to Calgary next month Working in Calgary is not for everyone, but if you are interested in energy, power or energy infrastructure, it is a great place to have a career. Energy Industry in Canada and Investment Banking Coverage

Macroeconomic Drivers of the Price of Oil on the Supply Side

With oil prices having a large effect on the Canadian dollar and GDP growth, it is important for investors and financial professionals to understand the macroeconomic variables and geopolitical actions that can influence the oil price. However, everything can be boiled down to something that affects 1) demand; 2) supply;

The Price of Oil and the Canadian Dollar

In this post, oil’s relationship with the Canadian Dollar – US Dollar exchange rate is discussed. In our next post, the global supply and demand paradigm with consideration to OPEC cuts and US shale production will be dissected. Oil (as measured by the US$ cost of a barrel of West Texas