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What Are Segregated Funds? Should You Buy Segregated Funds?

Segregated funds are mutual funds with embedded derivatives or insurance policies. For instance, a segregated fund may be a mutual fund that is similar to most other mutual funds except that they will guarantee 75% of your initial investment provided that you do not collect your money for 10 years.

How to Build Wealth as an Investment Banker

In a previous post, we confirmed that investment bankers do make a lot of money but do not necessarily have a lot of wealth. Most investment bankers end up saving less than their professional peers in consulting or accounting, which are lower paying professions – and much less than their

Working in Treasury

Related: Interview with a Treasury Analyst What is Corporate Treasury? Treasury is the cash management function of the bank – it is responsible for cash inflows and cash outflows. Ideally, the treasury maximizes the cash inflows while minimizing the cash outflows via a variety of risk management solutions and opportune financing. Treasury

Interview with: Private Debt Analyst

What is Private Debt? Think Private Equity, but in debt instruments. Private Debt invests in privately placed bonds that are closely negotiated between the bond issuer and purchaser. Debt structures are often highly tailored to the needs of the issuer. Due to this closed negotiation process, private debt investors often can "peek under

Do Investment Bankers Actually Make a Lot of Money?

Before we knew any better, we were at a wine and cheese in our undergraduate years to pillage extravagant free food at the information sessions and club events. From time to time we would run into someone from a major asset manager or corporate and they would try to do

The Oil Futures Curve

Oil Futures Curve Overview Looking at the futures curve for major oil benchmarks such as WTI or Brent is important for oil and gas investors (both debt and equity) and speculators or physical oil traders. The front end/short end of the curve is more politically driven and will fluctuate based on

Observations on Chinese Assets and Investing

The stock market has continued to move higher to start 2018 as talking heads discuss how long the current bull market has been and how expensive stocks are on a historical basis. Not knowing what to invest in has resulted in flows into alternative investments such as Bitcoin and emerging

Should You Start Your Investment Banking Job Early?

Usually, investment banks hire for the upcoming fall when conducting on campus recruiting. This means that analysts will undergo training and orientation the following summer (anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for global capital markets franchises). Incoming analysts will usually use the gap between graduation and starting the job