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Some Investment Banking Things

So far we have offered a fairly extensive look at the corporate finance theory used in investment banking, the deal processes and how to get in. What we have not expanded on is what you can expect when you do get in. Investment banking is office culture on steroids. Here are

What Should You Do After Your Offer?

So You Got the Offer, What Now? After my summer internship in investment banking, I was fortunate enough to come out of it with an offer. I had worked hard for it, and was prepared every step of the way. However, with the offer in hand, I found myself in foreign

How to Quickly Research a Company or Industry

Have an investment banking interview with the mining team in a few days but know nothing about mining (or any industry group)? A few days is actually plenty of time to intimately know an industry, but anyone outside of the finance industry would not know where to start looking. Here is a

Defending Your Stock Pitch in an Investment Banking Interview

An aspiring banker walks into the interview room and is asked for a stock pitch. "Pitch us a stock." "I really like Google because they have a strong business moat in search, ample free cash flow generation and is well positioned to benefit from progress at Waymo (the autonomous driving division) and

Types of Revolving Loans

What is a Revolving Loan? Revolvers are some of the most common loan products available from commercial banking and corporate banking. Most people are familiar with the concept of a regular loan. The borrower takes out a fixed amount of money (the loan principal) that must be paid off along with the

Do You Have To Be Good At Math for Investment Banking?

Failing Calculus at UBC Setting: Two guys riled up from Frosh Week and having been introduced to the glitz and glamor of an investment banking job. $150,000 for a starving student that grabs free Campbell Chunky soup samples from the promotional guys walking around the Student Union Building and a bank balance

Emerging Markets We Are Investing In Right Now (for Canadians)

Start Investing Now and Invest in an ETF or Good Mutual Fund In various posts we have written for the mass market (our fellow professionals who are nurses, social workers, plumbers), instead of just investment banking hopefuls, a few notes that repeat the same general themes. We espouse the need to invest

Breaking into Investment Banking: Applying for MBAs in Canada

With a great GRE/GMAT score, you are now ready for applications, right? Not quite. Depending on the desired school, there are a series of documents that you need to put together before the application deadline. We will go over those documents in this post. Canadian MBA Deadlines The first thing you should check