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Paying it Forward – the Investment Banking Coffee Chat

Experiences From The Other Side of the Coffee Chat Table When I worked in investment banking, I made an effort to respond to every email request for a coffee chat or phone call from a student or recent graduate looking to break in provided that they were respectful and had the

Poker and Finance, Poker and Investment Banking

Poker vs Finance - Risk Management and Expected Value Poker and finance get along - as in real poker. Prudent management of risk, working with imperfect information, entering into positive expected value decisions - poker is a closed environment with limited permutations where good decision making is rewarded. In markets, the

Backseat Drivers: Private Equity and Shareholder Activism

By Martin Loinig Initially posted on the BSPEC blog For background on shareholder activism, refer to our posts on activist defense and targeted companies Historically speaking, the relationship between private equity funds and activist hedge funds has been shaped less by collaboration and more by confrontation. Activist investors, holding minority stakes in public companies, often

Cobalt Mining Primer

Cobalt Overview Cobalt is a base metal with favorable properties and important uses. Cobalt’s key chemical properties are its high melting point (1,493 degrees Celsius/2,719 degrees Fahrenheit), its wear-resistance, and its electrical conductivity. Cobalt has a wide variety of uses including batteries, alloys, and catalysts.[i] Cobalt is found in low concentrations making

Oil Benchmarks

Crude oil exists in a number of varieties and blends. The many types of crude oil are graded based on their density and sulfur content, and these factors determine how easily the crude oil can be processed for different purposes. Regarding these two factors, crude oil is often referred to

Project Finance Walkthrough

Project Finance Structuring and Essentials As an illustrative example, we are going to look at project financing a power plant. After mapping out a project that is to deliver electricity to the grid, the operational components must be structured to be satisfactory to the lenders. So first off there needs to be