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Investment Banking in London

As told by various investment bankers at Elite Boutiques, Bulge Brackets and mid-markets London is one of two global investment banking capitals alongside New York City, and unsurprisingly plenty of aspiring bankers are looking to work in London. We have a lot of friends working in London and have spent a

Do The Hours Get Better in Investment Banking?

Investment banking has a reputation for long hours, professionals burning out and constant deadlines. Investment banking analysts get the brunt of the unsavory elements and it is no surprise that the attrition rate is extremely high. Although there are a lot of people who stay with the same bank their entire

Investment Banking Modeling Test / Case Study

Most investment banks have a fairly gruelling interview process that we outline in our interview section. We also are now offering mock interviews for those who do not have friends to practice with. Each interview goes through a technical question section, usually with some combination of analyst/associate/VP, as well as several

Consumer Discretionary: Another Fad?

By Maurizio Parrella, Alessio Corcelli Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Consumer Discretionary Sector The recovery from the global financial crisis shed light on an evergreen, yet recently white hot, equity group: consumer discretionary. The consumer discretionary industry comprises all companies participating in the value chain to produce a good or provide a

Buy-And-Build Strategies

By Atul Vyas and Alessandro Carleo Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Increasing the value of portfolio companies is crucial for the success of a private equity firm. As Gompers, Kaplan, and Mukharlyamov (2015) have found, PE investors “target returns that exceed CAPM-based returns”. The bulk of excess return, or alpha, is gained through