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LBO Model Toggles

Building a Full LBO Model We discuss the theory behind the LBO and also how to build one in other posts. All our readers should know how to put together a basic and bare bones LBO - but in reality an LBO model can be very functional for any situation that

Lithium Mining Primer

Overview Lithium has a wide variety of uses ranging from bipolar disorder treatments to manufacturing airplanes[i], however it is primarily used in energy storage (i.e. rechargeable batteries), lubricants, and glasses & ceramics[ii]. End Use Lithium Usage 2007 2017 Energy Storage 24% 59% Lubricants 14% 8% Glass 7% 5% Frits 9% 4% Air Conditioning 6% 3% CC Powder 3% 2% Cements/Adhesives 3% 1% Other 34% 18% [iii] Energy Storage/Batteries The percentage of lithium used for energy storage grew by 145% from 2007 to

Private Equity Modeling Test

It is fairly well documented that investment bankers aspiring to exit into private equity have to do an Excel test/financial modeling test as part of the interview. We confirmed that this is generally the case for interviews at any reputable PE firm - and it is also the case when investment

Infrastructure Private Equity

Infrastructure as a Growing Asset Class As we discussed in a separate article, infrastructure is growing as an asset class. Owing to the characteristics of infrastructure versus fixed income - long-life nature of infrastructure assets (a bridge can last 50 years versus a 5-10 year bond), higher returns (even the safest,

ESG and Infrastructure Trends

Now that we have moved over to the buy side, we wanted to point out a couple of trends that we are seeing lately in terms of where money is flowing (and as such, where investment bankers will want to expand their coverage). ESG Friendly Investing The first is ESG - environmental,