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Investing in Pressure Pumper Stocks

Written by an energy investment banker Pressure Pumping Industry Introduction Pressure pumpers provide hydraulic fracturing services for oil and gas exploration & production companies. Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking or fracing) increases the flow of oil and gas via improving conductivity of the hydrocarbon (oil & gas) zone within an oil or gas

List of Buy Side Firms in Canada

List of Pension Funds in Canada CPPIB and OTPP are the largest and pay the best for new finance graduates. This usually means investment banking base but a materially lower bonus. They also, in theory, are the most prestigious to work for. Federal pensions generally do not get taxed and also borrow

Depressed Oil & Gas Stocks

Written by an ex-bulge bracket oil & gas investment banker Recent History of Oil & Gas Stocks US shale players, so hot before 2014 and trading at tech multiples under a growth at any cost scenario, have peeled back tremendously. Shale and other unconventional forms of oil extraction had seen huge breakthroughs in

List of Equity Research Firms/Broker Dealers

For sell-side research, there are plenty of investment banks and stockbrokers / broker-dealers who publish equity research on companies that they cover. Credit and macro research also exists for the benefit of the firms' clients. There are two sets of stakeholders who would like equity research coverage. For the corporates themselves

US M&A Roundup Q2 2019

Although the overall number of transactions moderated in the second quarter, there was an uptick in the mega deals. Deal volume reached $839.2bn, up 27.4% and 11.5% from the first quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2018 respectively. Consumer Noncyclical, Industrial and Energy sectors drove the majority of