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The Limited Partnership and LP Agreement Explained

By Vittorio Lavioso and Alexandre Burtonboy Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Disclaimer: the purpose of this article is to provide the reader with a basic framework to understand what a LPA is and how it works. This article is in no way to be considered as a legal opinion on the

The Abraaj Group Scandal

By Dorina Barna and Jakob René Initially posted on the BSPEC blog The Abraaj Group, a Dubai-based private equity firm, is a narrative of success turned dark comedy. Founded by Arif Naqvi, Abraaj became one of the most influential emerging-market buy-out firms after 16 years of operations with more than $14 billion

Salesforce making moves in the CRM industry with recent acquisition of Tableau

World’s #1 CRM and #1 analytics platform come together to supercharge customers’ digital transformations Combination to accelerate Salesforce’s opportunity in the $1.8 trillion digital transformation space On June 10th, 2019, Salesforce announced they would be acquiring Tableau for $15.7B in an all stock deal. Class A and Class B shares of Tableau

List of Chinese Investment Banks & Financial Institutions

Unfortunately Chinese investment banks do not really take cold calls. Either you have guanxi (your dad is someone important in the Han elite) or you get in through the front door with a prestigious school, excellent grades in a quantitative discipline and fluent Mandarin Chinese. Prestigious schools include Ivy League schools

Funding the Cannabis Industry

By Matthäus Piatti, Vivian Eberle Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Cannabis, pot, marijuana, weed… This recently legalized industry expands far beyond dried cannabis (known as the “flower”) rolled up in a joint. Products such as oils, edibles, pills, beverages, creams for medical and recreational purposes; technology ranging from POS data analytics

Introduction to Commercial Law

Commercial law is a required course in most undergraduate programs and important in practically every line of work associated with finance. In investment banking, legal contracts are everywhere from pitch book disclaimers to purchase and sale agreements (PSA). In debt capital markets, leveraged finance and restructuring, law is the basis

Management Buy-Ins (MBIs)

By Peter Maxwell and Štěpán Koníř Initially posted on the BSPEC blog MBI, MBO and BIMBO…No, this is not a fairy tale about the big-eared elephant and his siblings. In fact, these terms refer to a class of acquisitions with an active role of management; management buy-in (MBI), management buyout (MBO) and