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Hong Kong Protests and Investing Fallout

Happy New Year. Hong Kong as a Financial Capital Due to the disproportionate coverage of the current social disruption in Hong Kong being the tip of the iceberg for cooling U.S.-China relations, investors are curious about what this means in terms of China as an investable market. As well, our readers are

Brexit and the UK real estate market

By Egée O’Neill and Fanni Varkoly Initially posted on the BSPEC blog In June 2016, the result of the Brexit referendum shocked the market: stocks plummeted, and the British pound dropped to a 31-year low. Three and a half years later, the UK’s withdrawal has been delayed three times, and many buyers

Growth Investing: The Link between VC and PE

By Francesco Marino and Giacomo Coriani Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Growth stage private equity is an asset class that stands at the intersection between venture capital and buyout deals. As opposed to venture capital, which targets start-ups that still have an undeveloped business model, growth equity backs companies in established