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Are Stocks Cheap After COVID-19 – Part II

The answer is not that simple. But a lot of people are seeing bargains out there while many market participants are simply not able to buy. Meanwhile, valuation is less relevant versus questions about going concern in this market because great companies may never achieve price targets in a normal

Making Sense of the Coronavirus Market Landscape – Part I

So we have not posted for a while - somewhat surprising because the COVID-19 situation has everyone working from home which would mean that we have a lot of free time. We were busy with our real jobs instead of this charity/volunteering, sorry. Anyway, most market participants are shell shocked right now

PE & VC Trends in LATAM

By Adem Abbas and Fabrizio Coccaro Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Introduction Last year, many investors began noticing Latin America for their large private equity and venture capital deals, often backed by the SoftBank group. With 20% of Softbank’s fund portfolio invested into countries such as Mexico and Colombia due to their