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Geopolitics After COVID-19 and Market Reaction

When Does the COVID Recovery Start The world will not be the same after the coronavirus and will adjust to a new normal. Now when the dust settles is another question. Is reopening up now a good idea when new cases are still springing up and people are dying at a

What is Hedge Fund Hiring Like?

Are you an investment banker? Do you want to go to the buy side? Bankers usually look to exit to private equity. However, the smartest bankers usually go to hedge funds. Private equity is supposed to pay more and have more interesting work. In reality, modeling for IRR and operations is not much

Negative WTI Futures and Philosophical Musings

We haven't been writing a lot lately because work from home is hard. Somewhat amusing, I was supposed to meet a friend somewhere in December and we decided on Wuhan. She later decided that she did not want to meet up and went to California. My AMEX concierge then cancelled my

Q1 2020 EMEA PE-backed M&A Roundup

By Matteo Lana, Francesco Biondo and Antonio Gagliardi As economy insiders know: Q1 2020 will be remembered as one of the darkest periods in the history of capitalism. As Covid-19 spreads worldwide, countries established lockdowns which result in real economic slumps. Despite this, it is clear that as things stand we

Introduction to Internet Platform Companies

The advent of the internet has fundamentally changed how we live, consume, and travel. To search for information, we no longer turn to yellow pages or encyclopedias, but Google and Wikipedia. To buy gifts, we no longer need to go to the store, we can browse for widgets on Amazon

Pocket Aces for (Distressed) PE?

By Stefan Larsen Loan sharks and bookies are famed for having little patience for outstanding debts – we learned this from Tony Soprano and almost every character portrayed by Joe Pesci. Ironically however, the script appears to have been flipped for their legal counterparts today. In the carnage that was March’s public markets, no

Chinese Stocks During Coronavirus

Equities During Coronavirus in April Ever since coronavirus has swept the world, almost all countries are looking at a deep recession or even depression, with no strong indication in terms of when things will turn around. Markets have followed the escalation in cases and stocks are down for almost everyone. For passive