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Introduction to Fairness Opinions

What is a fairness opinion? A fairness opinion evaluates the financial fairness of the price an acquirer is offering a target during a transaction seeking to take control of the target (acquisition, takeover, merger, etc.). [i] A fairness opinion may also be used when a public company is divesting one of


多数拥有金融学位的人最终都不会成为投资银行家,尽管实际上每个人都将其作为首选。 许多学生犯的错误,就是决心祇接受投资銀行的職位,不考慮其他相关的金融財務職位。他们没有意识到自己从來不會喜欢這份工作,畢業后也没有准备好就業計劃。 8574