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Walgreens-Boots LBO

By Thor Höfs and Jakob Jones Initially posted on the BSPEC blog With a market capitalization of over $52 billion and a prominent position in the American, British, and global pharmaceutical market, the Walgreens Boots Alliance is now at the center of what could be the largest leveraged buyout in history. The

Bridge Loans in Private Equity

By Boris Mihaylov and Konstantin Ba Initially posted on the BSPEC blog The world of private equity requires funds to react immediately to potential purchase opportunities. But what if an attractive opportunity arises during the draw down period and the funds required exceed the sum of collected commitments? Bridge loans (appropriately labeled

Food delivery feeding friends and investors alike

By Francesco Biondo  Initially posted on the BSPEC blog The gig economy, which comprises all the businesses offering “on-demand” and temporary jobs for people to carry out according to their availability, has taken off. The concept is both simple and exceptional: online platforms match individuals willing to offer their time and expertise

Brexit and the UK real estate market

By Egée O’Neill and Fanni Varkoly Initially posted on the BSPEC blog In June 2016, the result of the Brexit referendum shocked the market: stocks plummeted, and the British pound dropped to a 31-year low. Three and a half years later, the UK’s withdrawal has been delayed three times, and many buyers

Growth Investing: The Link between VC and PE

By Francesco Marino and Giacomo Coriani Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Growth stage private equity is an asset class that stands at the intersection between venture capital and buyout deals. As opposed to venture capital, which targets start-ups that still have an undeveloped business model, growth equity backs companies in established

The Limited Partnership and LP Agreement Explained

By Vittorio Lavioso and Alexandre Burtonboy Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Disclaimer: the purpose of this article is to provide the reader with a basic framework to understand what a LPA is and how it works. This article is in no way to be considered as a legal opinion on the

The Abraaj Group Scandal

By Dorina Barna and Jakob René Initially posted on the BSPEC blog The Abraaj Group, a Dubai-based private equity firm, is a narrative of success turned dark comedy. Founded by Arif Naqvi, Abraaj became one of the most influential emerging-market buy-out firms after 16 years of operations with more than $14 billion

Funding the Cannabis Industry

By Matthäus Piatti, Vivian Eberle Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Cannabis, pot, marijuana, weed… This recently legalized industry expands far beyond dried cannabis (known as the “flower”) rolled up in a joint. Products such as oils, edibles, pills, beverages, creams for medical and recreational purposes; technology ranging from POS data analytics