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Internet Platforms and Network Effects

We talked quite a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of platforms over traditional pipelines, but there is one aspect that was glaringly absent. Network effect is a critical element of any platform, not only does it allow platforms to grow rapidly, but also allows it to defend itself against

How Platforms Disrupt Different Industries

Through a cursory glance at the different internet platform companies, we see that although platforms permeate all industries, some industries are more disrupted than others. Certainly, platforms are superior to pipelines in some aspects, but the advantage does not persist equally in all industries. What makes certain industries more vulnerable

Introduction to Internet Platform Companies

The advent of the internet has fundamentally changed how we live, consume, and travel. To search for information, we no longer turn to yellow pages or encyclopedias, but Google and Wikipedia. To buy gifts, we no longer need to go to the store, we can browse for widgets on Amazon

10 Implications of the Coronavirus on the Chinese Economy

With parts translated from an article by 水木然 The 2019 novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has been in the headlines for a few weeks. The deadly virus originated from Wuhan, Hubei right before Chinese New Year (CNY), and has since spread over China and subsequently the world. As of February 21st,

Commercial Banking in Hong Kong

Written by a Vice President of Commercial Banking in Hong Kong Commercial Banking Career Path in Hong Kong Despite what you may see in the news, commercial banking in Hong Kong is booming still. If you go on LinkedIn, eFinancialCareers or, you will find too many jobs to fill, from entry

Investing in Pressure Pumper Stocks

Written by an energy investment banker Pressure Pumping Industry Introduction Pressure pumpers provide hydraulic fracturing services for oil and gas exploration & production companies. Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking or fracing) increases the flow of oil and gas via improving conductivity of the hydrocarbon (oil & gas) zone within an oil or gas