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Understanding the Three Financial Statements

A robust understanding the three financial statements is important for banking and asset management interviews. This post is meant to be a quick review for an interview, or a complement to your introduction to financial accounting course, which covers this material in much greater detail. The three financial statements that all

Interview with: Investment Banking Summer Analyst

This is an interview conducted with a summer analyst at a major bank that received a return offer but will be joining another investment bank How did you get hired as a summer investment banking analyst? I attended a target school and went through the regular on-cycle recruiting campaign. There is an

Interview with: Corporate Banking Associate

What are some good resources to read up on if you are interested in corporate banking? This site has some good stuff - the corporate banking posts are representative and accurate. Leveraged loan by S&P is also good, although that is more levfin it dives into a lot of similar concepts.

Best Laptop for MBA and Business School

Full Transparency: This is not an advertisement, we are not affiliated in any way with any of the brands mentioned in the article. Business school is starting soon, and some of you may be looking for a new laptop computer for the new semester. There are a ton of choices out

Interview with: Big 4 Corporate Finance VP

What do you do on the corporate finance team in a big 4? The corporate finance team in a big 4 firm functions like a boutique investment bank that focuses on mid-market businesses. Most of the clients are private. The CF team serve as transaction advisors for acquisitions, divestitures, and capital

Renting in Downtown Toronto

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada, and like all financial centers, quite expensive to live in. On top of all the banking, sales & trading, and management consulting offices, there are 3 major universities with campuses downtown – UofT St George (Rotman), York (Schulich), and Ryerson. With such high

Understanding the Yield Curve

What is Yield? Yield (also called Yield To Maturity, or YTM) is the return investors receive for holding a bond. Yield takes account of both the interest/coupons investors get and the bond price relative to its par value. What are Treasuries? US Treasuries are debt instruments the US Department of the Treasury issues

How to Interpret Interest Rate Market Updates

If you aspire to be an interest rate trader or a fixed income trader, understanding interest rates is very important. Rates traders, especially those who deal with longer dated (10/30 year), hold some of the more prestigious seats on the trading floor and given the bespoke nature of the product

Central Banks and Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of interest rates in finance. We also introduced central banks by discussing the role it plays in influencing interest rates. We will go deeper into the function of central banks in this article, discussing their mandates and how they carry out their