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Are Investment Bankers Good Investors?

Looking for Free Investment Advice This is something I wanted to address because I am asked for stock advice often. I was having dinner and a glass of wine at a friend's house where most of the other participants were doctors and lawyers, nurses and civil servants. After some conversation on Donald

Compiling a Buyers List in Investment Banking

Compiling a Buyers Universe When investment bankers are looking at an asset or a corporate for sale, the natural question is who buys it. This is part of the expertise that the investment banker provides in their services offering. At a large investment bank such as JP Morgan, there are large, dedicated

The Investment Banking Staffer

The Need for a Staffer Role As you may know from frequenting this website, investment banking is very much a brokerage role with senior staff in coverage groups operating on an eat what you kill model. This is less pronounced at the bulge brackets and large integrated banks but the model

The Sky Is Falling

The stock market has fallen a lot and people are worried about all of the news items that have been popping up. Is the 9 year bull market over? The news items are scary - here are a few to summarize in case you get asked why markets are falling for

Accessing Leveraged Capital Markets – Part I

Issuing High Yield Bonds For levered companies that do not fit the investment grade bucket, there are still robust capital markets options available for debt issuance through the leveraged finance divisions of global investment banks. As discussed in other leveraged finance posts, a large suite of buyers invest in high yield bonds

Preferred Shares Primer

When investment bankers look at quick and dirty enterprise value calculations, they generally think: EV = Net Debt (Debt - Cash) + Equity In corporate finance theory, enterprise value includes all levels of the capital stack including preferred shares ('prefs"). Preferred shares are securities that are senior to common equity and generally pay

A Very Investment Banking Christmas

Don't take this too seriously Working in Investment Banking During the Holidays Most investment bankers look forward to December for one or two reasons. Senior investment banker schedules (Managing Directors and Executive Directors) are aligned with their clients, so if the client is going on vacation in December then senior bankers will