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Chinese Technology Stocks in the 2020s

Chinese stocks are hot. Technology stocks are hot. Chinese technology stocks are probably more hot. Large asset managers as well as retail investors in the US have jumped on the Chinese technology stock bandwagon. As per usual, Wall Street tends to simplify a phenomenon and turn it into something that is

Investment Banking Fast Casual Burger Rankings

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are probably the most well known business titans alive. As confirmed by reddit AMAs and various other sources, they have one major common denominator. Their favorite food is the humble hamburger. Nothing represents American capitalism like a burger and fries. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are

China Stocks Investing: New Cold War and Bond Defaults

In this post, we continue to discuss themes to understand before investing in Chinese stocks in the 2020s. Investing Amidst the U.S. China Cold War If the current trajectory continues (steady growth at 6% per year) while the Chinese economy continues to decouple from the U.S., there may end up being positive

Investing in China – Key Things to Note

Beginning of possibly a series on getting your feet wet in Chinese investing China, despite the well documented decline in GDP growth to 6%, is still the largest contributor to global growth. After all, 6% of $15 trillion US is like growing by more than one Australia every year. A couple of

Hong Kong Protests and Investing Fallout

Happy New Year. Hong Kong as a Financial Capital Due to the disproportionate coverage of the current social disruption in Hong Kong being the tip of the iceberg for cooling U.S.-China relations, investors are curious about what this means in terms of China as an investable market. As well, our readers are

List of Chinese Investment Banks

Unfortunately Chinese investment banks do not really take cold calls. Either you have guanxi (your dad is someone important in the Han elite) or you get in through the front door with a prestigious school, excellent grades in a quantitative discipline and fluent Mandarin Chinese. Prestigious schools include Ivy League schools

Introduction to Commercial Law

Commercial law is a required course in most undergraduate programs and important in practically every line of work associated with finance. In investment banking, legal contracts are everywhere from pitch book disclaimers to purchase and sale agreements (PSA). In debt capital markets, leveraged finance and restructuring, law is the basis

Junior Investment Banker Guide to Office Politics

Office Politics in Investment Banking A few years back when Facebook was popular and their share price was soaring, they printed money off of ads for clickbait articles from Elite Daily or some other toxic millennial digital rag. One of the common tropes was 120% of people who work in finance