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Credit Analyst / Commercial Banking Interview Questions

Also check out corporate banking interview questions For fixed income analyst jobs check out fixed income analyst interview questions How do you calculate leverage? Debt divided by EBITDA. Net leverage is net debt divided by EBITDA. There are multiple permutations of this and they will usually be some variant of operating cash flows. How


多数拥有金融学位的人最终都不会成为投资银行家,尽管实际上每个人都将其作为首选。 许多学生犯的错误,就是决心祇接受投资銀行的職位,不考慮其他相关的金融財務職位。他们没有意识到自己从來不會喜欢這份工作,畢業后也没有准备好就業計劃。 8574

Finance Jobs Other Than Investment Banking

There are no jobs in finance other than investment banking. jk Most people who get a finance degree do not end up becoming investment bankers, despite practically everyone putting it down as their first choice. Many students make the mistake of going investment banking or bust and never realize that they never wanted

Investment Banking Fee Study

Fee Event Dramatization MegaBank A is approached by a client to help them advise on a purchase of their competitor funded by a mix of debt and externally issued equity. My god, this will be a $50 billion dollar deal. 10 basis points means a $50 million dollar fee! – Coverage/M&A banker They

Geopolitics After COVID-19 and Market Reaction

When Does the COVID Recovery Start The world will not be the same after the coronavirus and will adjust to a new normal. Now when the dust settles is another question. Is reopening up now a good idea when new cases are still springing up and people are dying at a

What is Hedge Fund Hiring Like?

Are you an investment banker? Do you want to go to the buy side? Bankers usually look to exit to private equity. However, the smartest bankers usually go to hedge funds. Private equity is supposed to pay more and have more interesting work. In reality, modeling for IRR and operations is not much

Negative WTI Futures and Philosophical Musings

We haven't been writing a lot lately because work from home is hard. Somewhat amusing, I was supposed to meet a friend somewhere in December and we decided on Wuhan. She later decided that she did not want to meet up and went to California. My AMEX concierge then cancelled my

Chinese Stocks During Coronavirus

Equities During Coronavirus in April Ever since coronavirus has swept the world, almost all countries are looking at a deep recession or even depression, with no strong indication in terms of when things will turn around. Markets have followed the escalation in cases and stocks are down for almost everyone. For passive

Coronavirus is WACC

The Equity Risk Premium after COVID-19 In finance class and before preparing for investment banking interviews, everyone has to walk through a DCF. In figuring out a discount rate, you look at the cost of debt and the cost of equity. Now this weighted average cost of capital stuff is very theoretical but