Preparing for Corporate Banking Interview

There are plenty of resources online for preparing for an investment banking interview but almost nothing on preparing for a corporate banking interview. This article will change that. So if HSBC calls you and says you are being invited in for an interview next week for a corporate banking role in

Signs You Are Not Doing A Good Job And/Or Getting Fired

How do you know you are doing a bad job? Sometimes management will pull you into a room and just tell you - however, rarely are interactions so direct in Corporate America and usually by the time that happens it is too late to effect reasonable change. Best to read

Resigning From Your Job

What a marvelous day! The day that you leave your Blackberry/Corporate iPhone and can be relatively assured that your vacations or weekend rave plans (woohoo! Electric Zoo!) will no longer be curtailed by the corporate machine. And now, you get to tell people that you work in private. Equity. The remnants of the

Cardium Formation

The Cardium Basin runs from northeastern British Columbia to Western Alberta and is a major source of petroleum and natural gas. It is a sandstone and shale basin within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) and its name originates from the abundant amount of fossilized cockle (Cardiidae) shells it contains. The

Major SAGD Projects in Canada

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Understanding the Yield Curve

What is Yield? Yield (also called Yield To Maturity, or YTM) is the return investors receive for holding a bond. Yield takes account of both the interest/coupons investors get and the bond price relative to its par value. What are Treasuries? US Treasuries are debt instruments the US Department of the Treasury issues

Getting Fired as an Investment Banking Analyst

Every year, a bunch of fledgling investment banking analysts worry that they will underperform on the job. And we recently wrote about how you can get fired in an investment bank. "If I can't spread comps will I get fired from investment banking?" "I'm worried that everyone who is working with me

Fired from Investment Banking

"Oh did you hear about Vincent in equity derivatives? He was fired in October." But fired can be fairly ambiguous outside of knowing that someone has left the firm. At investment banks, fired usually means one of four things. No promotion/bad bonus Asked to leave/counselled out Termination without cause Termination with cause No

30 Minute Technical IB Interview Prep

We have a fairly exhaustive interview guide that is one of the most popular pages on our website. If you can answer all of those questions, you can be fairly assured of a position - summer, co-op or full time at most Bulge Brackets or Canadian banks assuming that you

Other Phenomena in the Investment Banking Jungle

This is a follow up to a previous intellectually lazy post Some Investment Banking Things. Lucites, Deal Toys and Tombstones When investment bankers close deals, they will set aside a budget to commission trophies commemorating the transaction. Usually, they will get glass toys with a theme that is loosely related to the