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Types of Revolving Loans

What is a Revolving Loan? Revolvers are some of the most common loan products available from commercial banking and corporate banking. Most people are familiar with the concept of a regular loan. The borrower takes out a fixed amount of money (the loan principal) that must be paid off along with the

Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking Overview Commercial banking is the business of offering deposit and credit (lending services) products to small, medium and large enterprises. Commercial banking divisions are set-up differently at each of the Canadian banks. Junior roles are either credit related, sales related or a combination of the two roles. Deposit taking is

Corporate Banking Deals and Transactions

Written by a corporate banker at a major North American bank What keeps corporate and commercial bankers busy when they are not doing annual reviews? Deals! Servicing a portfolio encompasses a variety of loan transactions, which are outlined below: New Debt/Credit Facility These are the most exciting transactions for corporate and commercial bankers. New