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Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources

Kazakhstan, home of the Tengiz Field

Oil reserves represent current and future value that can be quantified and compared among companies. However, while the absolute quantity of oil or oil equivalent tells a story, the more important figure is the Net Present Value (NPV) of the oil (which must be sensitized to different assumed long-term oil prices)

Investment Banking Training and Orientation Program

Investment Banking Training and Orientation for Canadian Banks For the Canadian banks, the analyst and associate programs include three to four weeks of training and orientation starting in August as newly minted bankers from Ivey and Queens finish backpacking around Europe and Asia. Over the course of the program, there is plethora

Corporate Banking Interview Questions

Corporate banking interview questions have been hard to find on Google. Not anymore! In addition to the standard investment banking questions, corporate bankers may be expected to know some sales and trading questions as well due to how close they are to the products (Debt Capital Markets and IRD will

Corporate Banking Interview Questions

Corporate banking is about credit

Read the answers here Our corporate banking/commercial banking friends (friends only when they extend credit, otherwise just acquaintances) have brought to our attention the lack of corporate banking interview questions on the website. Good point! Corporate banking is substantial in the US, but is becoming more and more relevant in China. There

Corporate Banking in China

Corporate Banking China

This article was co-authored by corporate bankers at a large global bank and a Big 4 Chinese bank and an investment banker from a Bulge Bracket, all working in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Corporate Banking is a huge market in China, and as the economy grows (at a much

Risk Management

What is Risk Management? Back to Corporate Banking Risk management is a very important function of every bank, as checks and balances must be put in place to ensure that an organization is a going concern (has the resources or means to continue operating). There are various forms of risk that must

Counterparty Credit

Counterparty Credit Overview Back to Corporate Banking Credit is responsible for the underwriting process associated with extending loans and allowed market lines. Most banks have the relationship management and the credit underwriting/portfolio management separated so that bankers can focus on loan structuring and client demands while a credit team focuses on clearing

Corporate Banking

Corporate banking is a financing group which provides lending and ancillary services to large corporate, institutional and government clients while serving as secondary relationship coverage to the investment banking team. Loan products include revolving credit facilities (RCFs or revolvers), term loans (amortizing term loans, TLA or bank term loans), acquisition financing