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Working in Treasury

Related: Interview with a Treasury Analyst What is Corporate Treasury? Treasury is the cash management function of the bank – it is responsible for cash inflows and cash outflows. Ideally, the treasury maximizes the cash inflows while minimizing the cash outflows via a variety of risk management solutions and opportune financing. Treasury

Debt Capital Markets Analyst and Associate Work

For the most part, DCM analysts and associates do the same thing, except the associate knows the process a lot better and is able to guide the analysts. Identifying Clients for DCM to Talk To DCM will usually have a rolling list of upcoming maturities to look at which companies to approach.

Debt Capital Markets

What is Debt Capital Markets (DCM)? Back to Investment Banking Debt Capital Markets (DCM) is a financing group in Investment Banking which helps to connect debt issuers and debt investors depending on their respective needs pertaining to tenor/maturity, currency (issue in USD, CAD, GDP, CNY, JPY, EUR), coupon (fixed/floating), security/collateral, and other