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Capital Structure of an LBO

First published on the BSPE blog By Dorina Barna and Boris Mihaylov LBO stands for Leveraged Buyout and refers to the purchase of a company while using a significant amount of debt to finance the transaction. Usually, the assets of the company being acquired and sometimes those of the acquiring company are

Q1 2020 EMEA PE-backed M&A Roundup

By Matteo Lana, Francesco Biondo and Antonio Gagliardi As economy insiders know: Q1 2020 will be remembered as one of the darkest periods in the history of capitalism. As Covid-19 spreads worldwide, countries established lockdowns which result in real economic slumps. Despite this, it is clear that as things stand we

Pocket Aces for (Distressed) PE?

By Stefan Larsen Loan sharks and bookies are famed for having little patience for outstanding debts – we learned this from Tony Soprano and almost every character portrayed by Joe Pesci. Ironically however, the script appears to have been flipped for their legal counterparts today. In the carnage that was March’s public markets, no

PE & VC Trends in LATAM

By Adem Abbas and Fabrizio Coccaro Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Introduction Last year, many investors began noticing Latin America for their large private equity and venture capital deals, often backed by the SoftBank group. With 20% of Softbank’s fund portfolio invested into countries such as Mexico and Colombia due to their

Management Buy-Ins (MBIs)

By Peter Maxwell and Štěpán Koníř Initially posted on the BSPEC blog MBI, MBO and BIMBO…No, this is not a fairy tale about the big-eared elephant and his siblings. In fact, these terms refer to a class of acquisitions with an active role of management; management buy-in (MBI), management buyout (MBO) and

Financial Sponsors Group

Financial Sponsors Group in Investment Banking Financial sponsors (“Sponsors” or private capital) is an investment banking “coverage” group similar to oil and gas or technology – however, sponsors are not an industry. A financial sponsor is synonymous with private equity, but also includes hedge funds and asset managers. The financial sponsors group