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Working in Treasury

Related: Interview with a Treasury Analyst What is Corporate Treasury? Treasury is the cash management function of the bank – it is responsible for cash inflows and cash outflows. Ideally, the treasury maximizes the cash inflows while minimizing the cash outflows via a variety of risk management solutions and opportune financing. Treasury

Equity Compensation Hedging

Share Based Compensation Expense To align shareholders and management, equity compensation is a large part of all-in pay and for retention purposes. Companies will generally use a combination of stock units and stock options. Stock units such as restricted stock units (RSU's), deferred stock units (DSU's) and performance share units (PSU's) represent

Hedging Policy for Corporates – Strategic Hedging Programs

Strategic Hedging as a Requirement Hedging may be part of a larger structured solution above the oversight of the treasurer and even the CFO. In these cases, a bespoke solution must be thought out that takes several considerations into account while servicing a specific goal of the firm. The CEO, investment