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Finance Jobs Other Than Investment Banking

There are no jobs in finance other than investment banking. jk Most people who get a finance degree do not end up becoming investment bankers, despite practically everyone putting it down as their first choice. Many students make the mistake of going investment banking or bust and never realize that they never wanted

Working in Treasury

Related: Interview with a Treasury Analyst What is Corporate Treasury? Treasury is the cash management function of the bank – it is responsible for cash inflows and cash outflows. Ideally, the treasury maximizes the cash inflows while minimizing the cash outflows via a variety of risk management solutions and opportune financing. Treasury

Equity Compensation Hedging

Share Based Compensation Expense To align shareholders and management, equity compensation is a large part of all-in pay and for retention purposes. Companies will generally use a combination of stock units and stock options. Stock units such as restricted stock units (RSU's), deferred stock units (DSU's) and performance share units (PSU's) represent

Hedging Policy for Corporates – Strategic Hedging Programs

Strategic Hedging as a Requirement Hedging may be part of a larger structured solution above the oversight of the treasurer and even the CFO. In these cases, a bespoke solution must be thought out that takes several considerations into account while servicing a specific goal of the firm. The CEO, investment