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Investment Banking Back Office and Middle Office

What is the Difference Between Front and Middle and Back Office for an Investment Bank? There are a lot of jobs in investment banks that are not front office roles. What is a front office job? What is a back office job? What is holla back office? (Don't ever say that) These lines

Compliance at Large Banks

As with our previous intellectually lazy piece, we are just going to comment on some of the common experiences shared by investment bankers in the post financial crisis era. Mandatory Compliance Training Post-Lehman banks have undergone incredible regulatory and social pressure. As such, an enormous amount of money has been ploughed into

Financial Regulatory Bodies in Hong Kong

There are three major financial regulatory bodies in Hong Kong. As new financial products were introduced to the markets and the sophistication of such products increased while wealth inflows expanded, the risks of malpractice grew in tandem. Financial regulators have a balancing act in order to promote the confidence in financial