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Geopolitics After COVID-19 and Market Reaction

When Does the COVID Recovery Start The world will not be the same after the coronavirus and will adjust to a new normal. Now when the dust settles is another question. Is reopening up now a good idea when new cases are still springing up and people are dying at a

Negative WTI Futures and Philosophical Musings

We haven't been writing a lot lately because work from home is hard. Somewhat amusing, I was supposed to meet a friend somewhere in December and we decided on Wuhan. She later decided that she did not want to meet up and went to California. My AMEX concierge then cancelled my

Chinese Stocks During Coronavirus

Equities During Coronavirus in April Ever since coronavirus has swept the world, almost all countries are looking at a deep recession or even depression, with no strong indication in terms of when things will turn around. Markets have followed the escalation in cases and stocks are down for almost everyone. For passive

Coronavirus is WACC

The Equity Risk Premium after COVID-19 In finance class and before preparing for investment banking interviews, everyone has to walk through a DCF. In figuring out a discount rate, you look at the cost of debt and the cost of equity. Now this weighted average cost of capital stuff is very theoretical but

Coronavirus Implications for Businesses – Part III

COVID-19 Nothing Was the Same This is such a great album, coming from a 6ix God like myself. COVID-19 has been the event of the decade and may or may not surpass the financial crisis as the absolute pit of a career in markets. After the dust settles, which as we alluded to

Are Stocks Cheap After COVID-19 – Part II

The answer is not that simple. But a lot of people are seeing bargains out there while many market participants are simply not able to buy. Meanwhile, valuation is less relevant versus questions about going concern in this market because great companies may never achieve price targets in a normal

Making Sense of the Coronavirus Market Landscape – Part I

So we have not posted for a while - somewhat surprising because the COVID-19 situation has everyone working from home which would mean that we have a lot of free time. We were busy with our real jobs instead of this charity/volunteering, sorry. Anyway, most market participants are shell shocked right now

10 Implications of the Coronavirus on the Chinese Economy

With parts translated from an article by 水木然 The 2019 novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has been in the headlines for a few weeks. The deadly virus originated from Wuhan, Hubei right before Chinese New Year (CNY), and has since spread over China and subsequently the world. As of February 21st,