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A Very Investment Banking Christmas

Don't take this too seriously Working in Investment Banking During the Holidays Most investment bankers look forward to December for one or two reasons. Senior investment banker schedules (Managing Directors and Executive Directors) are aligned with their clients, so if the client is going on vacation in December then senior bankers will

Other Phenomena in the Investment Banking Jungle

This is a follow up to a previous intellectually lazy post Some Investment Banking Things. Lucites, Deal Toys and Tombstones When investment bankers close deals, they will set aside a budget to commission trophies commemorating the transaction. Usually, they will get glass toys with a theme that is loosely related to the

Compliance at Large Banks

As with our previous intellectually lazy piece, we are just going to comment on some of the common experiences shared by investment bankers in the post financial crisis era. Mandatory Compliance Training Post-Lehman banks have undergone incredible regulatory and social pressure. As such, an enormous amount of money has been ploughed into

Hangover Banker

Sam, a junior engineer at some local startup with seed funding from Amazon, was enjoying a drink with three nerd buddies at Hapa Izakaya. They felt very dapper with their checkered dress shirts, black framed glasses and wispy facial hair. As relatively cheap, indirect Canadian labor for the tech behemoth,

Some Investment Banking Things

So far we have offered a fairly extensive look at the corporate finance theory used in investment banking, the deal processes and how to get in. What we have not expanded on is what you can expect when you do get in. Investment banking is office culture on steroids. Here are

Sports and the Trading Floor


Although investment bankers like sports, the trading floor has non-stop sports chatter until the opening bell and salespeople will continuously talk about how teams are doing with their clients. In Canada, hockey is the primary go-to topic in all finance centres (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg), but interest may wane if

Why Do Investment Bankers Work So Much?

This is a question that my then significant other asked me on the weekly/daily when I toiled as an associate at a prestigious white shoe firm back in the day. Alas, one day she decided that absence did not make the heart grow fonder and she left for a more

Participating in Office Fantasy Football (And Other Games)

How Do Investment Bankers Have Fun? One of the great things about working in investment banking is that it is office culture on crack. Anything fun you would find in a Fortune 500, you would find in the investment bank - in particular the trading floor. Golf outings, corporate offsites, boozy

What Does A Bad Week In Investment Banking Look Like

A Bad Week/Month/Stretch in Investment Banking Investment banking is pretty great, but when things are bad people generally think about leaving. When answering interview questions such as: Do you really want to do investment banking? What do you think a bad week in IB looks like? How do we know you