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Marginal Costs and Marginal Revenue

In the last article, we talked extensively about supply and demand. We will now focus in on how supply and demand is related to costs and revenue, specifically marginal costs and marginal revenue. By understanding these important concepts, we can gain a better insight on how profit maximizing firms  behave

Central Banks and Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of interest rates in finance. We also introduced central banks by discussing the role it plays in influencing interest rates. We will go deeper into the function of central banks in this article, discussing their mandates and how they carry out their

Understanding Supply and Demand

Economics plays a fundamental role of business and finance, and supply and demand underpin all the topics within economics. Understanding how people, firms, and other institutions make decisions is critical to any sell side or buy side role. Understanding Demand Demand refers to the amount of goods or services desired at different