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LBO Model Toggles

Building a Full LBO Model We discuss the theory behind the LBO and also how to build one in other posts. All our readers should know how to put together a basic and bare bones LBO - but in reality an LBO model can be very functional for any situation that

Private Equity Modeling Test

It is fairly well documented that investment bankers aspiring to exit into private equity have to do an Excel test/financial modeling test as part of the interview. We confirmed that this is generally the case for interviews at any reputable PE firm - and it is also the case when investment

Investment Banking Modeling Test / Case Study

Most investment banks have a fairly gruelling interview process that we outline in our interview section. We also are now offering mock interviews for those who do not have friends to practice with. Each interview goes through a technical question section, usually with some combination of analyst/associate/VP, as well as several

Modeling Commercial Real Estate

Before going into some real estate strategies, here are some key financial assumptions in modeling out the return on investment for your real estate investment. Real Estate Operating Assumptions Net Operating Income (NOI) Net operating income is the revenue of the property or property portfolio less any operating expenses. This is before maintenance

How to Get Cash Taxes for Financial Modeling

This is a simplified example to understand the mechanics of cash taxation at a high level and should not be relied upon for anything other than educational purposes Cash Taxes in Financial Analysis What companies report as accounting tax and what they actually pay in terms of cash to the government can

Microsoft Excel Best Practices For Investment Bankers Part II

A managing director decides to follow up with a client in terms of pitching a prospective acquisition target. From: To: Hi Bob, Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Would you be interested in taking a look at some updated valuation materials for Paris Baugette as per our discussion in April? Kind Regards, MD From: To: