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Depressed Oil & Gas Stocks

Written by an ex-bulge bracket oil & gas investment banker Recent History of Oil & Gas Stocks US shale players, so hot before 2014 and trading at tech multiples under a growth at any cost scenario, have peeled back tremendously. Shale and other unconventional forms of oil extraction had seen huge breakthroughs in

Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services Primer Equities by TradingView { "showChart": true, "locale": "en", "width": "100%", "height": "660", "largeChartUrl": "", "plotLineColorGrowing": "rgba(60, 188, 152, 1)", "plotLineColorFalling": "rgba(255, 74, 104, 1)", "gridLineColor": "rgba(233, 233, 234, 1)", "scaleFontColor": "rgba(218, 221, 224, 1)", "belowLineFillColorGrowing": "rgba(60, 188,

Offshore Oil Production Primer

Offshore oil production is a major source of oil supply globally and is expected to be responsible for incremental oil production going forward. Offshore oil is well understood and free of the encumbrances of land drilling within the confines of a country - allowing for producers to realize seaborne pricing