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Airports, similar to other infrastructure owners and/or operators, is heavily regulated. Due to the fact that airports are public goods (non excludable and non rivalrous), and have immense positive externalities, most airports are owned by the government. As they are typically public or non profit entities, the goals of a

Infra Funds!

By Eric Peghini Initially posted on the BSPEC blog On a cold, gusty Saturday afternoon, “Nation’s infrastructure is collapsing, MAGA!” This was not a poorly executed haiku but rather a tweet attributable to the one and only infallible D.J. Trump and, never mind your opinion of the POTUS, a rallying cry that the population

Infrastructure Private Equity

Infrastructure as a Growing Asset Class As we discussed in a separate article, infrastructure is growing as an asset class. Owing to the characteristics of infrastructure versus fixed income - long-life nature of infrastructure assets (a bridge can last 50 years versus a 5-10 year bond), higher returns (even the safest,

ESG and Infrastructure Trends

Now that we have moved over to the buy side, we wanted to point out a couple of trends that we are seeing lately in terms of where money is flowing (and as such, where investment bankers will want to expand their coverage). ESG Friendly Investing The first is ESG - environmental,


Global Infrastructure Industry Overview Over the past decade or so, infrastructure has continuously emerged as a popular asset class and gained wider acceptance from institutional investors, who are now allocating a growing share of their portfolio to infrastructure. While infrastructure is considered with other private market asset classes such as private

Project Finance Walkthrough

Project Finance Structuring and Essentials As an illustrative example, we are going to look at project financing a power plant. After mapping out a project that is to deliver electricity to the grid, the operational components must be structured to be satisfactory to the lenders. So first off there needs to be

Introduction to Project Finance Investment Banking

Project Finance Investment Banking Project finance is one of the most popular but least understood groups in investment banking. Sometimes PF is a standalone product group and sometimes PF is under the corporate banking umbrella (as there is a large lending component). Closely tied to project finance may be an infrastructure

Global M&A Roundup Oct 20, 2017 – The Warranty Group, Abertis Infraestructuras

Our previous Canadian Mergers & Acquisitions roundups can be found here. Our previous global M&A roundups can be found here. Target: The Warranty Group, Inc. Industry: Financial Institutions Acquirer: Assurant, Inc. (NYSE:AIZ) Target: The Warranty Group, Inc. Size: $2.5 billion Consideration: 81% Equity, 19% Cash Source of Funds: Common Stock, Debt Sell Side Advisors: UBS

Global M&A Roundup Jun 16, 2017 – Whole Foods Market, Shanghai International Port


Our Canadian M&A roundup can be found here. Our past global M&A roundups can be found here. Target: Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NasdaqGS:WFM) Industry: Food Retail Acquirer:, Inc. (NasdaqGS:AMZN) Target: Whole Foods Market Size: $13.4 billion Consideration: 100% Cash Source of Funds: Debt Sell Side Advisor: Evercore Group L.L.C. Buy