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Are Stocks Cheap After COVID-19 – Part II

The answer is not that simple. But a lot of people are seeing bargains out there while many market participants are simply not able to buy. Meanwhile, valuation is less relevant versus questions about going concern in this market because great companies may never achieve price targets in a normal

Equities, Shares and Stocks | 股本和股票

无论您的目标是为退休储蓄还是子女的教育費,投资都可以帮助您实现长期财务目标。当您第一次开始投资时,您必须做出的最重要的决定之一就是将钱放在哪里。听起来很简单。但是,有超过2,000种共同基金和14,000种股票可供选择,您从哪里开始呢?首先,对您可以使用的投资类型以及每种投资提供的内容有深刻的了解,您将拥有信心和知识来制定健全的投资策略。 8070

China Stocks Investing: New Cold War and Bond Defaults

In this post, we continue to discuss themes to understand before investing in Chinese stocks in the 2020s. Investing Amidst the U.S. China Cold War If the current trajectory continues (steady growth at 6% per year) while the Chinese economy continues to decouple from the U.S., there may end up being positive

Distressed Debt Overview

Introduction to Distressed Debt Similar to all other aspects of finance and investing, distressed debt investing means higher risk and higher reward. Distressed debt is in itself a very unique asset class that falls under the jurisdiction of alternative asset managers – primarily hedge funds. Although debt markets are very large

Why Investment Bankers Are Bad Investors

Friendly Neighbourhood Investment Banker Not A Stock Picker Seems counterintuitive right? People who literally look at stocks all day and tell corporates how to take on corporate actions (such as mergers & acquisitions, dividend hikes and share repurchases, and play Nostradamus on how the market will respond to things in glossy

The Sky Is Falling

The stock market has fallen a lot and people are worried about all of the news items that have been popping up. Is the 9 year bull market over? The news items are scary - here are a few to summarize in case you get asked why markets are falling for