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What Are Segregated Funds? Should You Buy Segregated Funds?

Segregated funds are mutual funds with embedded derivatives or insurance policies. For instance, a segregated fund may be a mutual fund that is similar to most other mutual funds except that they will guarantee 75% of your initial investment provided that you do not collect your money for 10 years.

Interview with: Private Debt Analyst

What is Private Debt? Think Private Equity, but in debt instruments. Private Debt invests in privately placed bonds that are closely negotiated between the bond issuer and purchaser. Debt structures are often highly tailored to the needs of the issuer. Due to this closed negotiation process, private debt investors often can "peek under

Observations on Chinese Assets and Investing

The stock market has continued to move higher to start 2018 as talking heads discuss how long the current bull market has been and how expensive stocks are on a historical basis. Not knowing what to invest in has resulted in flows into alternative investments such as Bitcoin and emerging

Benchmarking & Performance Evaluation for Mutual Funds

The Mutual Fund Conversation Living in a city with a high cost of living makes it difficult to save money. Eventually, most young professionals start earning more as they move up in their career progression or become more responsible for spending/stop living paycheque by paycheque and start investing to grow their

Block Trades/Block Sales

What Is A Block Trade? For a company that is already publicly listed, there are times when an investment bank or a syndicate of investment banks will purchase a significant amount of shares from a major shareholder or group of shareholders in a private, negotiated transaction in what is known as

Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIP)

What is a Dividend Reinvestment Plan/Program (DRIP)? A dividend reinvestment plan (“DRIP”) is where a dividend paying company allows shareholders to opt for receiving in-kind dividends instead of cash (receiving dividends in the form of additional shares). For DRIPs that are administered out of treasury shares (the company issues new stock instead


For the purposes of our investing section, we look at stocks from an academic1 and a value investing perspective. In our industry and career sections, we look at stocks based on how market participants approach stocks. This distinction may explain any differences in philosophy or voice within the website. This post

Investing Mistakes for Family and Friends

Over family dinners and drinks with friends and friends of friends, the conversation usually steers towards investment advice. "My investment banker at TD tells me that I should buy the Canadian Balanced Fund. Do you think this a good idea? Do you know Alvin?" I have come to realize that very intelligent

Weekly Movers Sep 15, 2017 – Empire Co, Tahoe Resources, Yellow Pages Ltd, Hurricane Irma, Movie Theatre Stocks, Car Rental Stocks

Top Weekly TSX Gainers (Week of September 15, 2017) Empire Company Ltd (TSX:EMPa, Chg:24.3%) Industry: Consumer & Retail EMP.A has consistently underperformed the Canadian grocer comp since the messy $5.8bn takeover of Safeway Canada. Sobey’s SAP software led to technical integration hurdles and frustrated employees. Logistic problems led to many out-of-stock products and