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Oil and Gas Demand

Chinese oil capital

Here is a post focused on what influences energy demand - namely oil. This macro understanding is key for speaking to why the oil price is where it is as well as to inform an educated forecast - a common question in interviews for sales & trading, oil & gas

Analyzing Oil Sands Stocks


The oil supply-demand paradigm is always changing, and this year has been no different with OPEC struggling to justify continued production cuts as any rise in oil price has resulted in widespread hedging by US shale oil producers - who can lock in profits for production in the next year while

Trends in Oil & Gas

We have written fairly extensively on oil, but gas is becoming increasingly important in the energy space as improving technology, relatively less carbon footprint and abundance of the resource push gas away from its historical use for power generation more into petrochemicals and as an alternative fuel to gasoline (even

Metals & Mining Streaming Primer

Metals Streaming as a Financing Mechanism Streaming is a relatively new method of financing mining projects. The business model generally follows a pattern where the streamer pays a lump sum fee to a resource partner (the actual operator of the mine) in need of financing (presumably because the operating company lacks

Oil and the Canadian Economy

Edmonton is home to oilfield services, the Katz group and the U of A

Canada Oil and Gas Industry Primer Energy is one of the most important industries in Canada, as Canada has one of the largest energy resources in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela (Venezuelan reserves are widely accepted by energy professionals to be overstated). Energy companies are some of Canada’s largest by market cap

The Economy in Chile

Due to anemic Canadian growth in the current economic environment and the foreseeable future, Sell Side Handbook is adopting Latin American coverage and will be discontinuing Canadian commentary This was supposed to be an April Fools joke. It was not very funny. Overview of Chilean Industry and Latin American Business Environment After a

Macroeconomic Drivers of the Price of Oil on the Supply Side

With oil prices having a large effect on the Canadian dollar and GDP growth, it is important for investors and financial professionals to understand the macroeconomic variables and geopolitical actions that can influence the oil price. However, everything can be boiled down to something that affects 1) demand; 2) supply;