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投资银行模拟面试和专业准备 我们提供在職投资银行家的一對一辅导。收费每小时$200美元。他们來自最全球化和最负盛名的银行(Bulge Bracket),专门化精英小型银行 (Elite Boutique), 和加拿大的五大银行 (Big 5 Canadian Banks)。這些投资银行家也是我们网站上定期提供文献的撰稿人 如果您快将有投资银行面試,或者希望在学習的曲线中获得足夠的实践,我们的网站就能夠提供此服务。对于初学者,导师可以将您从零开始训练到成为公司财务专家,从基础会计知识到现金流折現 (DCF)。 我们的导师有經驗教导有志向成为银行家的人仕,并帮助学生和职业转换者在不同的公司找到职位,例如以下的著名机构:Goldman Sachs, EVERCORE, MOELIS & COMPANY, Rothschild & Co., Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, RBC Capital Markets, BMO Capital Markets, CIBC, TD Securities, National Bank,. Brookfield, TEACHERS' PENSION PLAN 专业知识涵盖各种行业报导和产品组,包括: 能源 (石油和天然气和油田服务 电力与公用事业 基础设施 兼并与收购 重组 股权资本市场 债务资本市场 房地产 金融机构集团

Investment Banking Modeling Test / Case Study

Most investment banks have a fairly gruelling interview process that we outline in our interview section. We also are now offering mock interviews for those who do not have friends to practice with. Each interview goes through a technical question section, usually with some combination of analyst/associate/VP, as well as several

Stock Pitch: Long Canada Goose (TSE:GOOS)

This stock pitch is intended to be a resource for interview preparation, it should not be interpreted as investment advice. I recommend a long position on Canada Goose. Currently trading at $74.56, I believe it is undervalued as investors overreacted on Huawei news and the subsequent breakdown of Canada China relations.

How to Quickly Research a Company or Industry

Have an investment banking interview with the mining team in a few days but know nothing about mining (or any industry group)? A few days is actually plenty of time to intimately know an industry, but anyone outside of the finance industry would not know where to start looking. Here is a

Stress Interview Questions for Investment Banking

Why Does the Stress Interview Exist? Investment banking interviews are stressful enough as is – however, it is popular to have a stress portion that tests a candidate’s mental fortitude by putting him/her on the spot (albeit less popular than before the financial crisis due to the industry’s public relations to

How To Answer: “Do You Have Any Questions For Us?”

This is almost always asked at the end of any finance interview (actually, any interview - accounting, consulting, chef at nice restaurant). If it is not asked, it is generally a bad sign. Even if the interview was extensive and covered lots of ground, candidates should still ask questions. We

Investment Banking Networking Guide

This post is under construction... Getting Started with Networking Every recruiting season there are a lot of candidates with high raw intelligence, excellent grades and good market knowledge who lack the polish to network effectively and pass an investment banking interview. All good entry-level finance careers require soft skills – from investment banking

Things Not to Say in an Investment Banking Interview

Things not to Say

Last week we posted about how the investment banking interview process is ostensibly challenging, but in reality, much more manageable because so many candidates fail at various checkpoints due to flaws that can be easily rectified. One of these checkpoints is the behavioral interview. The interview section covers in depth

Encouragement before Full-Time Recruiting for 2018

I have been coaching a few smart but docile nerds who have been eager to apply for finance roles but get cold feet at the page because they feel that they are not as competent as the other candidates. On one hand, some of them have no business being investment

Macro Brief for Interviews on Equities

Accelerated interview processes for the most qualified investment banking full-time placements are in full spring right now. Questions looking to separate the most precocious candidates go beyond the standard corporate finance interview questions and focus on topics that cannot be memorized in a guide. Namely, these are open ended questions