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Stress Interview Questions for Investment Banking

Why Does the Stress Interview Exist? Investment banking interviews are stressful enough as is – however, it is popular to have a stress portion that tests a candidate’s mental fortitude by putting him/her on the spot (albeit less popular than before the financial crisis due to the industry’s public relations to

Interview with: Big 4 Transaction Advisory VP

What does a Big 4 professional services firm do in terms of Transaction Advisory/M&A advisory? Big 4 M&A typically has three sub-departments: Transaction Advisory, Corporate Finance, and Integration Services. Transaction Advisory does a lot of financial due diligence, which is coming up with a normalized level of EBITDA/NWC/net debt and analyzing

Best Languages to Learn for Investment Banking – Part I

This is a three part series on language for business use in Finance. Part II - Chinese Part III - French, Arabic, Spanish Executive Summary for Languages in Investment Banking Being bilingual is becoming a pre-requisite in finance in some areas and is at the very least an excellent asset The most beneficial

How To Answer: “Do You Have Any Questions For Us?”

This is almost always asked at the end of any finance interview (actually, any interview - accounting, consulting, chef at nice restaurant). If it is not asked, it is generally a bad sign. Even if the interview was extensive and covered lots of ground, candidates should still ask questions. We

Investment Banking Networking Guide

This post is under construction... Getting Started with Networking Every recruiting season there are a lot of candidates with high raw intelligence, excellent grades and good market knowledge who lack the polish to network effectively and pass an investment banking interview. All good entry-level finance careers require soft skills – from investment banking

Investment Banking Meal Allowance and Taxi Chits (or UberX)

Investment banking meal allowance is the daily stipend that the junior staff receive for food for days where they have to work past a certain hour (which is often). Also, after a certain time later than the meal allowance checkpoint, bankers are allowed to expense reasonable transportation home. Previously, investment

Things Not to Say in an Investment Banking Interview

Things not to Say

Last week we posted about how the investment banking interview process is ostensibly challenging, but in reality, much more manageable because so many candidates fail at various checkpoints due to flaws that can be easily rectified. One of these checkpoints is the behavioral interview. The interview section covers in depth

Encouragement before Full-Time Recruiting for 2018

I have been coaching a few smart but docile nerds who have been eager to apply for finance roles but get cold feet at the page because they feel that they are not as competent as the other candidates. On one hand, some of them have no business being investment