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Investment Banking Exits: Is Private Equity the Dream?

Every year third year business undergrads overhear that some of their peers are recruiting for investment banking. Investment banking probably has something to do with selling mutual funds at a bank, which is relatively better than being an unemployed millennial. The students google “investment banking” and stumble upon Wall Street Oasis

No Bubble in Vancouver and Trends in Real Estate in Canada

Real estate is very important relative to the size of the Canadian economy, in no small part due to longstanding robust foreign investment in a country perceived to be politically stable with strong legal frameworks and the country’s low population density. Real estate is an especially attractive vehicle to park

Investment Banking Information Sessions

Attending Information Sessions for Recruiting Key Takeaway: It is better to make a mild positive impression on a few people than to be disliked by one person - one no is all it takes to lose you an interview - this is especially true if you have good grades All organizations looking

Stress Interview Questions for Investment Banking

Why Does the Stress Interview Exist? Investment banking interviews are stressful enough as is – however, it is popular to have a stress portion that tests a candidate’s mental fortitude by putting him/her on the spot (albeit less popular than before the financial crisis due to the industry’s public relations to

Interview with a Big 4 Transaction Advisory VP

What does a Big 4 professional services firm do in terms of Transaction Advisory/M&A advisory? Big 4 M&A typically has three sub-departments: Transaction Advisory, Corporate Finance, and Integration Services. Transaction Advisory does a lot of financial due diligence, which is coming up with a normalized level of EBITDA/NWC/net debt and analyzing