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List of Middle Market Investment Banks

Here is a list of mid-market investment banks that provide investment banking/corporate finance advisory services to medium capitalization (pertaining to enterprise value) companies. Although there are no hard and fast rules for what is defined as middle market, these companies will generally be too small to be banked by the

List of Equity Research Firms/Broker Dealers

For sell-side research, there are plenty of investment banks and broker-dealers who publish equity research on companies that they cover. Credit and macro research also exists for the benefit of the firms' clients. There are two sets of stakeholders who would like equity research coverage. For the corporates themselves who are

Oil Benchmarks

Crude oil exists in a number of varieties and blends. The many types of crude oil are graded based on their density and sulfur content, and these factors determine how easily the crude oil can be processed for different purposes. Regarding these two factors, crude oil is often referred to

Natural Gas Benchmarks

Natural Gas Distribution Hubs A natural gas distribution hub is where natural gas is purchased, received, and distributed. Hubs provide pricing points and locations for spot market transactions and gas trading. They also publish pricing points for gas price transparency. Most distribution hubs are located near storage facilities. The British thermal unit

List of Investment Banks in Canada

List of Major Investment Banks in Canada Domestic RBC Capital Markets BMO Capital Markets TD Securities CIBC Capital Markets Scotiabank Global Banking & Markets National Bank Financial The Big 5 have historically dominated Canadian investment banking and capital markets advisory. They are also large commercial lenders and provide a full suite of