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Poker and Finance, Poker and Investment Banking

Poker vs Finance - Risk Management and Expected Value Poker and finance get along - as in real poker. Prudent management of risk, working with imperfect information, entering into positive expected value decisions - poker is a closed environment with limited permutations where good decision making is rewarded. In markets, the

Omaha Hold ‘Em for Beginners

This is not a sincere strategy for the casino or real competitive play - this is for winning loose home games with a networking component. Omaha is an excellent game to introduce to a finance professionals game because the variance is much higher and the game is easier for someone to hit, therefore

Vicky Short Stack Strategy

Texas Hold 'Em POT-STACK RATIO RULE If the amount of money in the middle (the pot) is less than 2x your stack (how many chips you have) and you have the top pair or better (for example, Flop is K 8 7 and you have AK), just go all in. PRE FLOP Raising Hands AA