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PE & VC Trends in LATAM

By Adem Abbas and Fabrizio Coccaro Initially posted on the BSPEC blog Introduction Last year, many investors began noticing Latin America for their large private equity and venture capital deals, often backed by the SoftBank group. With 20% of Softbank’s fund portfolio invested into countries such as Mexico and Colombia due to their


作者为香港商业银行副总裁 尽管从新闻中可以看到 (就业問題),香港的商业银行仍然蓬勃发展。如果你上 LinkedIn,电子财务职业或 的網站,你会发现大量的工作职位需要填补,从入门级到高级管理层。失业率很低,但也是因为没有足够的合格候选人。 8093

10 Implications of the Coronavirus on the Chinese Economy

With parts translated from an article by 水木然 The 2019 novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has been in the headlines for a few weeks. The deadly virus originated from Wuhan, Hubei right before Chinese New Year (CNY), and has since spread over China and subsequently the world. As of February 21st,

China Stocks Investing: New Cold War and Bond Defaults

In this post, we continue to discuss themes to understand before investing in Chinese stocks in the 2020s. Investing Amidst the U.S. China Cold War If the current trajectory continues (steady growth at 6% per year) while the Chinese economy continues to decouple from the U.S., there may end up being positive

Investing in China – Key Things to Note

Beginning of possibly a series on getting your feet wet in Chinese investing China, despite the well documented decline in GDP growth to 6%, is still the largest contributor to global growth. After all, 6% of $15 trillion US is like growing by more than one Australia every year. A couple of

Hong Kong Protests and Investing Fallout

Happy New Year. Hong Kong as a Financial Capital Due to the disproportionate coverage of the current social disruption in Hong Kong being the tip of the iceberg for cooling U.S.-China relations, investors are curious about what this means in terms of China as an investable market. As well, our readers are

Brexit and the UK real estate market

By Egée O’Neill and Fanni Varkoly Initially posted on the BSPEC blog In June 2016, the result of the Brexit referendum shocked the market: stocks plummeted, and the British pound dropped to a 31-year low. Three and a half years later, the UK’s withdrawal has been delayed three times, and many buyers