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作者为香港商业银行副总裁 尽管从新闻中可以看到 (就业問題),香港的商业银行仍然蓬勃发展。如果你上 LinkedIn,电子财务职业或 的網站,你会发现大量的工作职位需要填补,从入门级到高级管理层。失业率很低,但也是因为没有足够的合格候选人。 8093

Hong Kong Protests and Investing Fallout

Happy New Year. Hong Kong as a Financial Capital Due to the disproportionate coverage of the current social disruption in Hong Kong being the tip of the iceberg for cooling U.S.-China relations, investors are curious about what this means in terms of China as an investable market. As well, our readers are

Commercial Banking in Hong Kong

Written by a Vice President of Commercial Banking in Hong Kong Commercial Banking Career Path in Hong Kong Despite what you may see in the news, commercial banking in Hong Kong is booming still. If you go on LinkedIn, eFinancialCareers or, you will find too many jobs to fill, from entry

Investment Banker’s Hong Kong Food Guide

New investment banking analyst in Hong Kong? Don't know what to order for team dinners and don't want to show your associate that you are an uncultured pig? Let me help! If you work in ICC instead of Central, then you're S.O.L.! This is for Deliveroo/FoodPanda orders not for going on dates,

New Finance Expat’s Guide to Hong Kong

If you move to Hong Kong, the first thing that people will tell you is that Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world and the salaries simply need to be that high in order for people to live. Now this is sort of true but not really.