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Should I Take an Unpaid Investment Banking Internship?

Unpaid Investment Banking Internships I get asked this often but have never taken the time to address it. Other variants of this question include an unpaid private equity internship (usually a search fund) or corporate finance internship. Unless you are working for your father’s massive company, I think in 95% of cases,

Tips for New Investment Banking Analysts

As a wily, 8 year finance vet, wanted to share some thoughts. Always take the opportunity to go to a client meeting or join a client call right away MDs actually do not care about whether analysts go or not, but it is an incredible learning experience for junior staff. When the

Interview with: Investment Banking Summer Analyst

This is an interview conducted with a summer analyst at a major bank that received a return offer but will be joining another investment bank How did you get hired as a summer investment banking analyst? I attended a target school and went through the regular on-cycle recruiting campaign. There is an

Feedback for Investment Banking Summer Analysts

Summer Interns - Returns Offers Handed Out, What Did You Think? A lot of my contacts still slaving away on the sell side have seen summer interns come in and go while the new full time analysts and associates have started or are about to start. As for how the summers did?

Investment Banking Summer Analyst Survival Guide

For most entry level investment banking spots, the summer internship is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for landing a position. To some extent, these summer internships have become so coveted that they may demand brand name work experience and very high grades to be considered. Why Investment Banks Hire Summer Interns The summer