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Trends in Real Estate in Canada

Real estate is a popular asset class for investors right now, especially unsophisticated investors who are sitting on a lot of cash. We discuss recent trends in retail, multifamily (residential real estate rented out for commercial purposes) and hotels and some of the drivers behind why they are moving in

Best Languages to Learn for Investment Banking – Part I

This is a three part series on language for business use in Finance. Part II - Chinese Part III - French, Arabic, Spanish Executive Summary for Languages in Investment Banking Being bilingual is becoming a pre-requisite in finance in some areas and is at the very least an excellent asset The most beneficial

Macro Brief for Interviews on Equities

Accelerated interview processes for the most qualified investment banking full-time placements are in full spring right now. Questions looking to separate the most precocious candidates go beyond the standard corporate finance interview questions and focus on topics that cannot be memorized in a guide. Namely, these are open ended questions

Trends in Oil & Gas

We have written fairly extensively on oil, but gas is becoming increasingly important in the energy space as improving technology, relatively less carbon footprint and abundance of the resource push gas away from its historical use for power generation more into petrochemicals and as an alternative fuel to gasoline (even