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Interview with: Treasury Analyst

An Interview with a Treasury Analyst What is your background? I studied Commerce at Sauder School of Business, with a specialization in marketing and sustainability. I did not do co-op; however, I did do a banking PCM (Payments and Cash Management) internship. My first job coming out of school was a leasing

Interview with: Big 4 Transaction Advisory VP

What does a Big 4 professional services firm do in terms of Transaction Advisory/M&A advisory? Big 4 M&A typically has three sub-departments: Transaction Advisory, Corporate Finance, and Integration Services. Transaction Advisory does a lot of financial due diligence, which is coming up with a normalized level of EBITDA/NWC/net debt and analyzing

Interview with: Wealth Management Associate

What is your background? I studied finance at UBC, and was in the PMF (portfolio management foundation) program. How did you get into wealth management? Vancouver has a large community of affluent people, so there is demand for private wealth management. I already knew my boss from the PMF (she is an alumnus),

Interview with: Renewables Investment Banker

This interview was conducted with a Power Investment Banker specializing in the Renewable Energy space.  Renewables are hot right now – is there a difference between which renewables are doing better between solar, wind, hydro, biofuels and geothermal? Why is that? The renewables space has been around for a long time. For

How Long Before Hearing Back from an Interview?

Interviews can be stressful but the waiting period after the interview can be even more stressful for some candidates. If the interview went very well and it seemed like all the interviewers were impressed, it can be frustrating to get radio silence for the next days or even weeks. Sometimes, one

Coffee Chats and Informational Interviews

As summer recruiting continues, I am receiving a lot of emails for informational interviews and coffee chats. I know a junior banker who has gone on over 100 coffee chats since December has started (which may speak more to him or his group than anything else). For undergrads and masters, the