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List of Buy Side Firms in Canada

List of Pension Funds in Canada

CPPIB and OTPP are the largest and pay the best for new finance graduates. This usually means investment banking base but a materially lower bonus. They also, in theory, are the most prestigious to work for.

Federal pensions generally do not get taxed and also borrow at close to risk-free government rates, making their after-tax cost of capital extremely competitive with private equity firms. However, they will often choose to co-invest with a leading PE firm such as Warburg Pincus.

Pension funds can be satisfied with mid-teen IRRs when private equity firms will require 15-30%, making asset prices relatively expensive in certain cases.

Usually, investment bankers will exit to the Direct Private Equity teams, but pensions usually have a variety of asset classes to fulfill their mandates including Public Equities, Relationship Investing, Liquid Credit, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Debt and Money Markets.

All pension funds are expanding and hiring finance professionals overseas with growing Hong Kong offices as they look to improve returns by looking at opportunities with higher risk adjusted returns than domestic names.

List of Private Equity Firms in Canada

ONEX is the only true U.S. style megafund private equity firm in Canada. The others all pay less than investment banking.

Also included are US private equity firms with an active presence in Canada.

Canada does not have the same tax advantages for certain investment vehicles that exist in the U.S., making the country a less attractive locale for private equity. However, Canada is a popular location for infrastructure investment and real estate investment.

There was ample private equity investment in Canadian natural resources (energy & mining) in the last cycle, but these returns have been inadequate alongside public equity performance in those sectors.

  •  ONEX
    • OnCap
  • Brookfield Asset Management
    • Owns Oaktree
  • Torquest Partners
  • Alignvest
  • Atlas Partners
  • Fiera
  • Triwest
  • Fengate Capital
  • Novacap
  • Northleaf
  • Ironbridge Equity Partners
  • Birch Hill Equity Partners
  • Bedford Capital
  • Azimuth Capital Management
  • Penfund
  • Signal Hill Equity Partners
  • ARC Financial
  • JOG Capital
  • Warburg Pincus
  • Berkshire Partners
  • EIG
  • MSD Capital
  • Blackrock
  • KKR
  • Apollo
  • Blackstone
  • Bain Capital
  • Slate Asset Management
    • Real estate
  • KingSett Capital
    • Real estate
  • Trican
    • Real estate

List of Hedge Funds/Asset Management in Canada

The Canada hedge fund universe is much smaller than the U.S.; many U.S. firms will engage in special situations investing in Canada, especially in the fixed income market.

Asset management is dominated by the large financial institutions in Canada, who are able to cross-sell products such as mutual funds to retail investors as well as having platforms that satisfy institutional investors. These are the Big 5 Canadian banks and the LifeCos.

  • Polar Securities
  • Burgundy Asset Management
  • Mawer Investment
  • AGF Investments
  • Trez Capital
    • Mortgages
  • Letko Brosseau & Associates
  • Gluskin Sheff + Associates
  • Lewin Capital Management
  • Fiera Capital
  • Axium
  • RBC Global Asset Management
    • Bluebay Asset Management
    • Philips, Hager & North (PH&N)
  • Beutel Goodman
  • Purpose Investments
  • Edgepoint
  • Blackrock
  • Fulcra
  • IA Clarington
    • owned by Industrial Alliance
  • Fidelity Investments / FMR Corp
  • BMO Global Asset Management
  • Picton Mahoney Asset Management
    • Known for fixed income
  • CIBC Assest Management
    • Renaissance (CIBC)
  • Sentry Investments
  • Waratah Advisors
  • Sprott
  • O’Leary Funds
    • Kevin O’Leary from Dragons Den
  • Ninepoint Advisors
  • West Face Capital
  • North Growth Management
  • Crimson Asset Management
  • TD Asset Management
  • Scotiabank
    • Dynamic Funds
    • 1832 Asset Management
    • Jarislowsky Fraser
    • MD Management (doctors)
  • Canoe Financial
  • IGM Investment Management
    • Investors Group
    • Mackenzie Financial
      • Cundill
  • CI Investments
  • Leith Wheeler
  • Acuity Funds
  • Empire Life/E-L Financial
  • Connor, Clark & Lunn (CCL)
  • Odlum Brown
  • Deans Knight
  • Fiera Comox
  • Franklin Bissett
    • Owned by Franklin Templeton
  • Guardian Capital Group
  • Trading houses also exist: Mitsubishi Corporation, Trafigura, Shell, Vitol, BP, Goldman Sachs J. Aron
  • Baskin Wealth Management

List of Large Financial Conglomerates in Canada

  • Power Financial
    • Owns Great-West Life
  • Manulife
  • Sun Life
  • Fairfax Financial Holdings

List of Private Banks in Canada

  • RBC Private Banking
  • BMO Private Banking
  • CIBC Private Banking
  • TD Private Banking
  • UBS Private Bank
  • Credit Suisse Private Bank
  • Citi Private Bank
  • JP Morgan Private Bank

The Canadian private banks will require C$1 million liquid to C$5 million liquid to get started. This makes you a high-net worth individual (HNW). Some banks will have fees at the lower end of the range while fees will be waived at the higher end.

Some banks will allow for the inclusion of real estate outside of primary residence.

The US firms tend to service ultra-high net worth (UHNW), which may mean US$25 million liquid.

Lots of famous people use private banking – including most NHL players who will be with RBC or TD. TD has a sports banking team that is tailored towards athletes. Most professional sports leagues now have programmes that are disseminated during orientation that have banking partners already recommended. At Steve Nash Sports Club Fitness World you may run into the guy who banks all of the Canucks.

Entrepreneurs will have accounts with more than one private bank.

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