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Energy covers the oil & gas value chain, which includes upstream, midstream, downstream and oil field services. 

Basic Materials covers companies involved with exploration, development, processing and distribution of raw materials.

Industrials covers companies that provide secondary activity (manufacturing & value-added services) and logistics.

Mining is a primary industry which involves the extraction of ore (rock with an economic amount of mineral content) and coal.

Power & Utilities includes electricity generation (Power), transmission and distribution of a public service (Utilities).

Real estate is primarily comprised of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), companies that own and operate real estate assets.

Consumer companies involve a business-to-consumer experience where customers purchase a finished good or service.

Technology covers companies that develop and sell hardware, software, and computer networking.

Media & Entertainment covers content creators and distributors, as well as video games and social media companies.

Telecommunications covers telephone companies (wireless and landline) and internet service providers (ISPs).

Financial Institutions cover banks, asset managers (hedge funds, pension funds) and insurance companies.

Infrastructure covers utilities, transportation (airports, railways, toll-roads), social infrastructure and at times communications.

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