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Investment Banking Mock Interviews and Career Preparation

We offer one on one tutoring from real investment bankers from Bulge Bracket, Elite Boutique, and Big 5 Canadian Banks for US$200 an hour. These investment bankers are also regular contributors to the literature available on the website.

If you have an investment banking interview coming up or would like to get sufficient practice ahead of the curve, our website is able to offer this service. For beginners, tutors can bring you from zero to a corporate finance expert starting from the basics of accounting and a DCF.

Our tutors have a history of coaching aspiring bankers and have helped place students and career changers at firms including the following:

Expertise spans across a variety of industry coverage and product groups, including:

  • Energy (Oil and Gas and Oilfield Services)
  • Power & Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Restructuring
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Institutions Group
  • Metals & Mining/Basic Materials
  • Project Finance
  • Industrials/Diversified Industries
  • Corporate Finance
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Additionally, the tutoring network includes professionals across:

  • Management and Strategy Consulting (McKinsey, Bain, BCG)
  • Corporate Banking
  • Sales & Trading (Equity Derivatives, Equity-Linked Products, FX Sales, Commodities Trading)
  • Commercial Banking

We offer personalized hourly tutoring that covers:

  • Investment Banking Interviews – Technical Interview Prep, Behavioral & Fit Interview Prep, Market Questions
  • Corporate Banking Interviews
  • Sales & Trading Interviews
  • Commercial Banking Interviews
  • Management Consulting Case Studies
  • Resume and Cover Letter Help
  • Networking Help
  • Career Planning and Mentorship

Each junior investment banking (analyst and associate) role sees tens of thousands of applicants. Get a leg up on the competition today and hire a mentor.

Mock Interviews

Investment Banking Interview Bible


我们提供在職投资银行家的一對一辅导。收费每小时$200美元。他们來自最全球化和最负盛名的银行(Bulge Bracket),专门化精英小型银行 (Elite Boutique), 和加拿大的五大银行 (Big 5 Canadian Banks)。這些投资银行家也是我们网站上定期提供文献的撰稿人
如果您快将有投资银行面試,或者希望在学習的曲线中获得足夠的实践,我们的网站就能夠提供此服务。对于初学者,导师可以将您从零开始训练到成为公司财务专家,从基础会计知识到现金流折現 (DCF)。
我们的导师有經驗教导有志向成为银行家的人仕,并帮助学生和职业转换者在不同的公司找到职位,例如以下的著名机构:Goldman Sachs, EVERCORE, MOELIS & COMPANY, Rothschild & Co., Bank of America Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, RBC Capital Markets, BMO Capital Markets, CIBC, TD Securities, National Bank,. Brookfield, TEACHERS’ PENSION PLAN
  • 能源 (石油和天然气和油田服务
  • 电力与公用事业
  • 基础设施
  • 兼并与收购
  • 重组
  • 股权资本市场
  • 债务资本市场
  • 房地产
  • 金融机构集团
  • 金属与采矿 —  基础材料
  • 項目融资
  • 工业 —  多元化产业
  • 企业融资
  • 技术,媒体和电信
  • 管理和战略咨询 (McKinsey, Bain, BCG)
  • 企业银行
  • 销售和交易 (股票衍生品,股票挂钩产品,外汇销售,商品交易)
  • 商业银行
  • 投资银行业务访谈:技术面试准备,行为与合適性面试准备
  • 市场問题
  • 企业银行访谈
  • 销售和交易面试
  • 商业银行访谈
  • 管理咨询案例硏究
  • 简历和求职帮助
  • 网络帮助
  • 职业規划和指导
每个基層投资银行家 (分析师和副經理)要審視成千上萬的申请人,要想在竞争中脱頴而出就要聘请导师指导。

Mock Interviews

Investment Banking Interview Bible

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